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Some of Affiliate programs you can find on Commission Junction, site that offers just everything you need to start and maintain your on-line business. Earn your percentage on every sale made by any new affiliate you refer, in addition to the commission on your own sales. Quality Merchants in all fields of business.

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50% FOR LIFE GUARANTEED!! Don't be fooled by misleading affiliate programs that don't pay off!! Programs that say up to a certain % . What percent are you really getting? Probably not much!! Programs paying small percentages of revenue. Who is driving the traffic? You are!! The biggest problem with most affiliate programs is that you receive money only from the first transaction. Once the member joins you lose your percent of money billed. Let Singlesnet Pay you 50% for Life!! Receive 50% of fees for the life of all members.

-   CAREER.Com

Become's affiliate today and start earning 33% commission on every purchase made from your site + $0.25 for the lead & $0.01 for the click! Our smallest sale is $150 and average sale is $400..! You can earn up to $132 for every lead that results in a Sale.

-   DiscoverME

The first and only personality-based placement job service on the Internet offers $0.25 per registration and a $250.00 bonus for each referred Candidate that gets placed.

-   Vermont Nutrition

Offers a 20% sales commission. Nutritional supplements are made with the finest ingredients available by an FDA approved manufacturer. Top quality supplements at a reasonable price with free shipping in the U.S.A.

-   Web Link program

15% commission on every purchase made from your site! Web-Link is your opportunity to offer BullsEye - the powerful new solution for managing and overcoming information overload on the internet to your web audience and earn money while doing it!



-   Andy's Garage

5% commission on every purchase made from your site! All you have to do is add a link to Andy's Garage Sale on your site! Store is chock full right now with hundreds of name-brand items from bedspreads to boom-boxes -- all at rock-bottom prices! For instance, Big Deal of the Day is always priced below dealer cost, and Top 20 product prices beat the discount stores.

-   RegenHair

33% commission on every purchase made from your site! A remarkable non-drug product, REGENHAIR, has inadvertently shown an astonishing effectiveness in stopping hair loss and in greatly increasing hair density in men and women. A 4-year world- -wide track record has confirmed that REGENHAIR virtually stops excessive hair loss within about 3 months in 94% of men and women who use it, while 76% experience a great improvement in density within 6 to 12 months (results vary on each case.) REGENHAIR is an easy-to-use, 100% safe product, which does not require a prescription or a lifetime daily commitment and demonstrates a high efficiency in Alopecia cases with small patches. And most importantly, hair loss does not seem to resume even after prolonged interruption of the treatment!

-   Magellan's Travel Supplies

10% commission on every purchase made from your site! Travel is the biggest category on the web. Magellan's, America's leading source of travel supplies, now offers you a chance to earn on the sale of their popular travel products. With ten years of experience in servicing the needs of travelers, Magellan's will treat your customers right.


7% commission on every purchase made from your site! is the premier online map store. Featuring over 3,500 maps, including travel maps, folded maps, wall maps, atlases, driving directions, address finder, and even digital maps for web and desktop publishing. If your looking for a map, has it.

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