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Before submitting your pages you may want to learn about some basics regarding the page submission at SE Friendly Web Design page. Also you may want to review each engine's requirements in order to prepare your page to be ranked higher. Tips for ranking higher, inside data and detailed statistics pages for SE you want to get submitted - Search Engines Data

  • Search Engine Submission Tips

    Inside information - take a look at hints, advices and inside data (indexing and ranking rules) for top SE. These data change occasionally, so be sure to check them again. If you choose to receive Free Webpage Review, beside those general data you will also receive specific help regarding your page and how to change it to conform with the SE's ranking and indexing rules.


If you are serious about obtaining good positions on the SEs you'll find the following tools most useful:

Search engine optimization tools:

  • WebPosition Gold

    You can see for yourself the amount of data WebPosition Gold provides on SE Data pages or you can receive your personal Free Webpage Review. It further includes traffic analyzer, automated submitter, web pages generator with META tags optimizer and other utilities for advancing page traffic. You can also subscribe to it's free monthly news-letter to stay constantly informed on SE changes and tips.

Search engines ranking is not the only thing you can use to increase your site traffic.

  • Internet Marketing Center

    IM Center has lots of free tips and resources for people marketing their business online. You can also buy a home-study course called "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet". The course is sold for $197.00 and contains almost 10 lbs. of material (650 info- packed pages in two work binders and 1 CD with special software and resource files). Learn How to Start and Promote a Business on the Internet!

    They also sell great software that will help you in your on-line business:

    Mailloop is software, which helps you automate your online business (includes filtering email, bulk email sending, emailing personalized customer base, handling autoresponses, importing orders into database, importing leads into database, built in newsletter server, etc.)

    AssocTRAC Software - Learn how to track every banner, every link, every purchase - find out which ads and promotions are making you money, and which ones aren't. Keep the profitable ads, and stop the non-profitable ones.

    E-Commerce System - IMC specializes in helping companies establish payment solutions for virtual storefronts by getting set up to securely accept credit cards and checks on the World Wide Web.

  • Internet Marketing Challenge

    GUARANTEED INTERNET SUCCESS WITHIN 60 SECONDS! Discover how to ... Get 250-300 opt-in email subscribers a DAY all year long! ... Over 10,000 daily visitors to YOUR web site within 48-hours! ... Top search engine ranking secrets (including Yahoo!) ... All you've ever wanted to know about Associate Programs! ... Discover products and services with profit margins of 10,000% ... FREE commercial-quality e-commerce web hosting, and FREE one-on-one PERSONALIZED Internet marketing and business consultation! NO hype ... NO Spam. No bull. 100% GUARANTEED!

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