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Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Search engine registration and placement needs to be at the top of your mind *before* you write your first byte of HTML. While the major search engines and directories all use different criteria to rank Web sites, some general principles do apply.

Before you do anything else you need to know what search terms to use in your Web site so people can find you.

1. Use the <TITLE> tag  for a descriptive Web page title that uses your most important keywords in a sentence describing your site. The <TITLE> tag belongs just below the <HEAD> tag and nothing should be between them.

For your home page bear in mind that a majority of the major search engines give more weight to search terms in the second or third position in your title.

2. Use the description META tag. Ideally, it should use search terms you do not use in your title. This is what it should look like:
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Your descriptive offer and/or content">

4. Use the keyword META tag. include all of your keywords but don't repeat them. Repeating keywords used to work on some of the search engines to gain a better position. Now some of them will penalize your site for keyword repetition.

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="your,keywords">

5. Start your Body text area with a strong headline that contains important keywords and is a statement of your offer/content. This is the first visible part of your site and should be the first thing your visitors see. It is also the first part of your content that some search engines index. Your headline needs to be enclosed in the <Hn> tags like this: <H1>Headline</H1>. The number in the H tag can be between 1 and 6 and designates the size of the font.

6. Use alt tags for all images. The purpose is three fold:

  • some search engines index these descriptions, so use keywords.
  • Some people surf with graphics off and won't know what the image is supposed to be without a description.
  • Alt tags will also help you make your site more accessible for blind surfers.

7. Frames make it difficult to be indexed on some search engines so, a search engine friendly Web site doesn't have them. If you do use frames be sure to use the <NOFRAMES> tag with some of your major keywords in it. Click HERE for Search Engines and Frames tips.

8. The visible content of your Web site needs to be rich in keywords. Make a list of keywords before you write your content and use them as much as you reasonably can. Aim for a ratio between 3 and 9 of individual keywords and the total number of words on each Web page. This keyword density will help you be indexed in some of the search engines. For detailed numbers for each search engine see the links below.

9. Do not use text that is the same color as any background on your page. That's considered spam and will get your site banned on some search engines. This applies even to text your visitors can see, not just invisible text. i.e. if you have two tables, one with a blue background and one with a white background you shouldn't use white or blue text on that page.

Here's an example of how the first part of your HTML source should look:

 <TITLE>Use your most important keywords</TITLE>
 <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Your offer /content">
 <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Keywords: your,keywords">
<H1>Your Offer / Content with keywords</H1>

Search Engine Submission Tips

Inside information - take a look at hints, advices and inside data for top SEs. These data change occasionally, so be sure to check them again.

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